Luc Bezier & Mary Chris Casis

DData Migration in Drupal using Migrate(Drupal を使ったデータ移行について)

Data migration is the idea of moving information from A to B, from a source to a destination. And usually in between, you want to change this data. Data migration is a complex process and can be a huge pain.

In this presentation we will see how to make it easier with a great Drupal module called Migrate. After this presentation, you will be able to answer to :

  • What is Migrate module ?
  • When should I use Migrate module ?
  • How does the module works ?
  • How to organise a Data migration with Migrate ?
  • How to solve some common issues related to my original data ?

Special note: Drupal 8 core will integrate a Migration API, based on the Migrate module, so it's one more reason to join.