Drupal Camp Japan Kyoto Report | Yoshiyuki Ueda

Yoshiyuki Ueda

First of all, DrupalCamp Kyoto was full of positive atmosphere with a group of core Drupal contributors and also many people from PHP, AWS and other community of who is willing to know what's all about the platform. I believe the DrupalCamp Japan committee did a really great job not only because they selected the venue at a shrine temple but also a very well considered agendas with lots of variety on sessions.

It was suitable enough to kick off the next round of Drupal adoption in Japan and I do believe that 2014 will be the year to really change the situation regarding the scene not only about community but alsoDrupal business in Japan market.

One thing I would recommend about the program is to consider the current size of community, the committee may need to collect more beginners, site builders, marketing people by attracting them with sessions how Drupal can provide digital experiences. More about operation and business related topics.

I heard that there will be next Camp on September this year and I do hope some member from Drupalassociation should take one of keynotes and help advertising it for more people, more attentions from the market.

I feel Drupal in Japan start rolling. As CI&T business director, I would like to share my perspective again at the session and also sponsor the event.

Yoshiyuki Ueda, CI&T ASPAC region, business director.