Drupal Camp Japan Kyoto Report | Luc Bézier

Luc Bézier

  • The impression you got in DrupalCamp Japan
    Drupalcamp Japan was incredibly well organized, especially considering it was the first drupalcamp for the entiredrupal community in Japan. During the cherry blossom season, they offered an incredible and unique experience in a traditional japanese temple in Kyoto. The one day event was a success and people seems to come from different parts of Japan to attend, as well as from different parts of the world.

  • The atmosphere of Drupal community in Japan
    The Drupal community in Japan is having a growing interest into Drupal. People seems to start having bigger projects and more interesting challenges to solve. The community was very welcoming and interested to know more aboutDrupal in general and outside of Japan.

  • The opinion for the future development
    The main issue for the Japanese community is the translation. Translation of the tool itself Drupal, but also of the documentation. The Japanese community is starting to have bigger and great plans on organizing more drupalcamps and events all around Japan, in order to grow the local community. So hopefully they will have more people getting started with documentation translation to get the newbies to start easier.

  • The message to Drupal Association and people coming to he next DrupalCamp on September
    The Drupal community in Japan is showing interest in Drupal and needs the support of the Drupal Association in order to grow and organize more events like their great and successful first Drupalcamp in Kyoto. It was a great opportunity for me to be one of the speaker in Kyoto. My presentation was in english and one of the organiser was translating in Japanese. So if you don't speak english, do not fear, the community will arrange for you and your audience to understand each other.