Drupal Camp Japan Kyoto Report | Chris Luckhardt

Chris Luckhardt

  1. The impression you got in DrupalCamp Japan
    I was very impressed with the first DrupalCamp Japan! The event was extremely well organized and informative to a new crowd of Drupal enthusiasts in Japan.
  2. The atmosphere of Drupal community in Japan
    The enthusiasm of the Japanese Drupal community reminds me of the early North American enthusiasm. Everybody at DrupalCamp Japan was eager to teach, learn and participate. There was an exciting feeling of starting a new movement.
  3. The opinion for the future development
    I predict great things for the next DrupalCamp in Japan! Based on their early enthusiasm, I believe their event could rapidly grow and become the home of a future DrupalCon Asia!
  4. The message to Drupal Association and people coming to he next DrupalCamp on September
    Support the next DrupalCamp Japan! The organizers want the assistance of the DA and did a great job with their first camp.

Best wishes Satoshi!